From light duty angle steel shelving, boltless rivet shelving to heavy duty selective pallet racking and etc..

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ALI RACKING designs,supplies and installs store and warehouse use rackings to meet your requirements. ALI RACKING  is your warehouse and store storage equipment supplier serving China and exporting to hundreds of countries. With over 20 years of experience in the store display and warehouse storage business, ALI RACKING  giving you the choice to meet your racking budget. 

Since our foundation in 1998, we have grown to be a leading provider & exportor of storage solutions, we understand the need for versatile, cost-effective systems that make the maximum use of available space. we service all types of industries and institutions. Whatever your requirement,ALI RACKING can make a genuine contribution to improving your business by providing a first class display and storage environment.Our Professional Team is skilled to ensure that the right racking solution is designed to fit your warehouse or store space. 

Working with clients for over 20 years, we recognize that deadlines and budgets are extremely important and that's where AlI Racking scores high with every project. At ALI RACKING, we focus on doing the job right to earn an on-going relationship with our clients. We service all kinds of industries and institutions and offer free consulting with CAD drawings.